Own a piece of New Zealand’s cultural heritage 

Colour trials in the studio 2022

Always looking for another Look!

Studio tests 2023

Modern Swan glaze testing

Original Mould from Crown Lynn

Base plate for Shape 2044 – The Metro Vase

Metro Vase

Stepa.NZ 2017

Made and loved in New Zealand

The Crownlynn.kiwi Project is a library of iconic NZ ceramic work ever popular in our everyday lives -ex- Studio Ceramics, Crown Lynn, Titian Potteries and more artists – old and new work.

Since 1945


Fish Jug



Hotel Jug


The Crown Lynn Story going Forward

Reviving Tradition, Crafting New Legacies

In our homes and hearts, we breathe fresh life into these timeless shapes. We infuse them with new styles and original creations, including beloved Kiwi Icons.

Preserved and cherished by dedicated individuals like Christine Anselmi, Bruce Yallop, and more, since the closure of the Crown Lynn factory in the late 1980s. These cherished pieces have been faithfully produced by Catherine Anselmi Ceramics, Studio Ceramics, and Stepa.nz. It’s a cherished New Zealand tradition in cast ceramic craftsmanship.

Our Passion Lies in the Craftsmanship

While there are many excellent sources for Crown Lynn history and facts, for a deep dive into the rich legacy, visit TE TOI UKU – The Crown Lynn and Clayworks Museum www.tetoiuku.or.nz


Legacy Forward

       Crown Lynn made millions of pieces,          enough survive today for collectors.

       We add new work to this catalogue                 enduring designs for the next                      generations