Sizes to Suit Your Space: We offer Swans in a variety of sizes to fit perfectly into your home. Choose from Large, Medium, and Small to find the one that complements your decor and style.

Elegant Colors to Match Your Taste: Our Swans are available in a range of stunning finishes to match your personal preferences. Whether you prefer the sophistication of Matt Black, the soft charm of Ivory or the pastel elegance of Pink we have the perfect Swan for you.

Hurry, Limited Stock for Large Swans: Please note that our Large Swans are in high demand and produced in limited quantities, so don’t wait too long to add this elegant masterpiece to your collection!

Elevate your home with the timeless beauty of the Kiwi Swan. It’s more than a ceramic piece; it’s a symbol of New Zealand’s artistic legacy. Order yours today and make your home truly iconic.

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Crown Lynn Swan Timeline






Discover the Iconic Kiwi Swan - A Timeless Ceramic Classic!

In the world of ceramics, one shape stands above all as a symbol of New Zealand's artistic heritage—the Swan. Whether you choose to use it as a vase or let it grace your mantlepiece as a stunning ornament, a Kiwi home just isn't complete without one!

A Kiwi Classic Since 1945: The Swan has been a beloved part of Kiwi households since its debut in 1945, and it continues to capture hearts to this day. Its timeless beauty and enduring popularity make it a cherished piece of New Zealand's ceramic history.


The Golden Age of Crown Lynn Pottery

A decade of crowning ceramics Described as classic kiwiana, Crown Lynn pottery was a popular household feature in the 1960s. From its 1920s origins as brick and pipe manufacturers, the company expanded into the domestic market. Successful Government lobbying to place...

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