Legacy Forward

Preserving Our Craft, Fueling Kiwi Innovation: Crownlynn.kiwi’s Commitment

At Crownlynn.kiwi, we’re driven by a mission that’s bigger than just our products; it’s about passing on the skills, techniques, recipes, and knowledge to the next generation. We blend time-honored craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology, creating a rich library of skills that not only defines us but also gives us a unique marketing edge, shining a spotlight on Kiwi talent.

Pioneers of Avante Guarde Design: Our journey began with pioneers like Tom Clarke, who fearlessly ventured into Avante Guarde design while crafting the iconic US Marine Corp Mess bowls. These bowls, designed to withstand high-velocity wall impact, are a testament to Kiwi ingenuity and innovation.

Global Ceramic Design Leaders: Mirek Simsek, Earnest Shufflebottom, Frank Carpey, Dorothy Thorpe, Daniel Steenstra, and others were at the forefront of global ceramic design, pushing boundaries and setting trends. Today, their work is highly collectible, a testament to the legacy they’ve left behind.

Honoring the Past, Shaping the Future: But we’re not just looking back; we’re also looking forward. Bruce Yallop, who trained and worked at Crown Lynn until its closure, designed and modeled the Forest Fauna and Foreshore range at Studio Ceramics in 2006. These pieces have become cultural icons, still sought after and collected today.

Embracing Innovation and Creativity: We’re excited to embark on new creative journeys, producing ranges that were once thought to be only art projects. Just like our enduring Swans, in production since 1945, we believe in letting the public decide what’s best.

Our Vision for the Future: Crownlynn.kiwi is committed to producing beloved classics and introducing fresh ideas, including a limited number series, collaborations with guest designers and artists for special projects, showcasing design competition winners, and celebrating current products that have become iconic to a period of New Zealand culture.

Investing in Tomorrow: To ensure the sustainability of our creative endeavors, ten percent of sales profit will be dedicated to funding new projects. Many of these Legacy Forward projects will explore uncharted territories, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in ceramic art.

Join us in celebrating our heritage, shaping our present, and forging our future. Crownlynn.kiwi is more than a brand; it’s a testament to the enduring spirit of innovation and artistry in New Zealand.

Our Legacy Forward Range


The first two are The Huia Feathers and The Tui Jugs.

Designed by Bruce Yall, these shapes have been produced under the Studio Ceramics and Stepa.nz labelsop for Studio Ceramics in the early 2000’s this range as part of the NZ Nature Forms Series, these two have proven to be favorites for two decades.

Designed and crafted by hands that worked in the Crown Lynn factory, they are worthy to stand alongside the historic collection, another chapter in an ongong story.

New Legacy Forward = Application Example

Introducing the Tapa series made by Stepahead Ceramics 1995-present, and under license to Studio Ceramics 2000-2017.

Stepahead focused on making collectable ceramics with a 50 year agenda to see what the prices were doing at auction.
The internet and popular demand sped this!

Sold in Samoa, British Museum Store, Te Papa, and all over the world, these piece were based on Pasifika Tapa design, being designed in Auckland, reflecting the vibrant influence of Pasifika Culture in this city.

Over 100,000 pieces are estimated to have been sold, including three tours or Europe and UK.

Each piece is hand painted with underglaze stains, and signed with Studio, Painter, and design marks.

A full provenance will be provided when these pieces are accepted in the Legacy Forward catalogue.

Brown Tapa, and Tapa 3 will be in future production.

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